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Unusual Ways to Keep Warm

When winter finally comes down on us again, we spend months trying to stay warm and avoid the weather in all ways. Here are some unique and unusual ways to stay warm this winter:

Keep warm in bed

There is nothing worse than not being able to stay warm at night. Shivering and goose bumps will keep you awake, preventing you from sleeping soundly. All you need is a special sack that warms up, so you can keep your PJ inside and enjoy the feeling of sleeping clothes that are slightly baked. This is called a pyjama heating bag, so don’t be tempted to put anything else inside!

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Hot Socks

It’s usually not recommended to put your slippers in the microwave but people at Hot Sox don’t agree. Yes, the great thing about this product is that you can really warm your slippers in the microwave and enjoy toasty toes when you sit in front of the TV for the night.

Check your central heating

The sensible thing to do before winter starts is to make sure your boiler is in good condition. There is nothing sadder than no heating or hot water on a cold, dark winter day. Then you really need some microwavable slippers and a pyjamas warmer bag! For Bristol Boiler Installation, visit https://www.greenerhomesgroup.co.uk/boiler-installations.html

SMS gloves

The first real world problem is trying to send text messages while wearing gloves. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to do anything with your phone while out in the winter and wearing gloves to keep your fingers warm. Fortunately, there is now a pair of gloves to solve this terrible dilemma. They come with a removable index finger and thumb tip so you can send a text message to your heart’s content and return it to your finger when you’re done.

Use your PC

Why not save energy and kill two birds with one stone? When you turn on your PC, it emits a lot of light and also heat. Close the door, run your favourite game and use it as entertainment and a radiator tool!

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Want to be a burrito?

For those who cannot refuse Mexican food, why not become some? Yes, you can buy yourself a massive burrito-shaped blanket, so you can look like a big minced beef and salsa parcel of deliciousness. This is the ideal place for ‘burro-ing’ and staying warm on winter nights.


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