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Types of photography to know

Photography is a huge part of our everyday lives through smartphones. We’re constantly looking at, sharing and taking photos using social media, plus exposure through advertising as well. Even though we have so much experience with different mediums of photography, many people don’t know what the different genres actually are. Here we are going to look at the top types of photography to know for the keen photo taker.

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Buildings are a huge part of photography because of the different design elements. There are so many interesting buildings around the world, many of which can be photographed in a number of different ways. Use natural light to bring out the beautiful aspects of the buildings you love the most.

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The favourite of many a family is the candid photograph. These photos are the ones that capture a moment spontaneously. The subject of the photo doesn’t usually know the photo is being taken, so it’s a true shot of exactly what that person is like, captured in a still image. Using a long zoom when taking a candid photo will make sure that your subject isn’t aware of the photo being taken.


A landscape photographer takes photos that portray scenery. It’s one of the most popular genres of photography. A landscape photographer will capture a landscape that is beautiful, waiting for the perfect light to capture a stunning moment. Landscape photos are better taken by a professional landscape photographer who has the right equipment to take the perfect shot.


We are constantly bombarded with fashion photography online and in stores because they are selling you an outfit. Fashion photo campaigns have become more and more creative over the years, and now there are some really interesting locations being used. Fashion photography involves a lot of elements, such as stylists, makeup artists and models.


We’ve all ordered our favourite dish from a restaurant and taken a quick food selfie. It seems to be the new popular trend for social media images. Food photography is often used by websites and restaurants to entice diners through their doors. Food photographs usually use natural light, and a flash should be avoided at all costs so that no unwanted visual elements end up in the photograph to spoil the look.


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