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Types of Materials Used to Build A House

When it comes to building houses, you really have to be a professional on the ins and outs of the trade; it is a tricky job that involves hard labour and a lot of maths – here are the skills needed in construction jobs. Building a house can typically take up to 6 months, but with circumstances of extreme weathers, this could make it longer to complete. Many different types of materials, machinery, and tools are used to build the foundations and the structure of the house.  Here are the types of materials needed to build a house.

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Building The House Foundation 

The foundation goes underneath the house, and it adds platform protection to the house to make sure it stays secure. Concrete is used as a house foundation because it is strong and secure once dried – you will need to make sure it is laid flat though to keep the house level. If you are looking for a Ready Mix Concrete Derby way supplier, then you might want to get in touch with https://www.bestmix.co.uk/, a company that supplies ready mixed concrete so you can build a strong and sturdy house foundation. If you want a basement below your house, then treated wooden foundation structures would be used.

Building The House 

Bricks and cement are typically used to build a house; the cement is spread on, and then the bricks are placed on top, and this continues until you have completed the house structure. Bricks and cement are great for house build’s because they are strong, and remain secure in all types of weathers. Wood, plasterboards, and wool fibre insulation are also used to create interior walls to make sure your home is fully insulated; insulation traps heat in, so it will keep your home warm for the winter months. If you live in a location that has extreme weathers and hurricanes, then you might want to opt for a brick house. Brick houses may be more expensive to build, but they will save you lots of money in the long run as they are less likely to be knocked down in bad storms. 


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Building The Roof

To firstly build the structure of the roof, you will need trusses (wooden beams) to create the roof shaping. There are different types of materials you can use to build a roof, including asphalt, wooden shingles, metal, slate, clay, and even plastic. You could even make a thatched roof, which uses straw and dried vegetation. It ultimately depends on the weathers and climate; if you live somewhere that is prone to bad storms, then you will need to use materials that are strong and reliable such as metal, but If you live in a hot climate, then slab or concrete roofs will make your house cooler.


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