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Top web design trends of 2017

Web design has never stopped evolving and developing since the World Wide Web was first launched. As a result, it can be challenging to keep up with the marketing potential out there, as competitor firms adopt technologies early, potentially leaving your business lagging behind.
By understanding the latest trends in web design, you can choose the most current, up-to-date mechanisms for getting your business out to your online customers.

Top web design trends of 2017

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Live video

If you’ve already bypassed vlogging as the video alternative to the humble written blog, it’s likely that you’re not quite up-to-date with the latest trend sweeping social media. Live video provides a real-time, engaging and highly unscripted way of promoting products and services, with Drupal agency firms publicising content live despite potential pitfalls.

While businesses were initially reluctant to commit themselves to the challenge of publicising themselves in front of a live audience through streaming, this reticence is being overcome when firms realise the powerful benefits of a live stream, with agencies like https://www.website-express.co.uk/service/drupal-development-agency helping them maximise their brand.

Artificial Intelligence

2016 saw some of the world’s leading technology experts make some huge leaps forward with AI development. Robots who can interact with people almost as effectively as humans are becoming a reality. With robotics being applied to combat everything from customer service needs to social isolation, Artificial Intelligence is a key trend to look out for for this year.

Top web design trends of 2017-2

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Static website generators

While you may think the static website is a little out of favour, it’s actually coming into its own this year. Static website generators create sites using plain text, automating the web development process fully by bringing content and information together without the need for extensive web design.


You may have heard the hype about the use of drones in real time to provide streaming video taken by these robotic recorders. Drone technology is becoming more accessible, more reliable, and a very real option for businesses seeking more engaging, instant streaming for their content.

When you’re looking to harness the most current technologies trending in 2017, it makes sense to start with a great web design agency. Small to medium businesses are realising that even with a smaller investment, they can make highly effective online brands through the use of the latest trends.


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