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Top pros and cons of being a courier

Courier services are used nationwide and are always in demand. Services may include anything from a same day courier in Aberdeen to economy services to the Isle of Wight. There’s one thing to be sure of – if you are a courier, you get to see lots of the UK! Here’s a guide to the top pros and cons of being a courier.

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.       In-Demand Services – There’s no shortage of work as couriers are in demand by both businesses and individuals.

.       No Official Qualifications – Other than a full driving licence, couriers do not need any specific qualifications.

.       Active Role – The physical aspect of the role helps you to stay fit, as opposed to a sedentary desk job.

.       Career Advancement – Many organisations offer training opportunities to further develop your career in logistics.


.       Isolating – Drivers spend many hours alone, which may not be suitable for all people.

.       Weather – Come rain or shine, couriers are out in all types of weather.

.       High Workload – With many deliveries to complete, the workload can be high. More information on stress and workload can be found in this study by the National Library of Medicine

.       Customer Complaints – Couriers are on the front line when it comes to dealing with customers, and may often be the first port of call for complaints.

Being a courier can be a good career choice, but it makes sense to fully research the role before applying for a job. More examples of the types of services couriers provide, such as a same day courier Aberdeen, can be found with a simple internet search.

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If you are looking for stable work and the chance to expand your career, being a courier may be the option you are looking for.


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