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Top Ideas for Throwing an Amazing Garden Party

So maybe you are planning a party or a gathering, or have an event on the horizon that may involve a lot of people coming around? Why not host a garden party? A garden party is great because it keeps the mess outside, and despite the great British weather, with a few little extras you can do it at any time of the year. So have a look at these great tips for making your garden party a great one…

Christmas Garden Party -Sounds crazy in Britain doesn’t it? Well no, with the right ingredients it can be magical. Invest in some good outdoor heaters and a buy or hire a marquee. Have a look around, they are good to have if you are planning on more parties outdoors in the future. Also, have a look at garden rooms. They are great and can provide an indoor space in the garden which can be enjoyed all year round – check out http://www.gardenspaces.co.uk/garden-rooms/garden-rooms/ . When creating a Christmas feel, outdoor fairy lights are effective and cheap. If it is a real Christmas grotto feel you are going for, think Santa’s workshop and serve hot cocoa and mulled wine, and reindeer ornaments, stockings hung up give a cosy festive feel.

Top Ideas for Throwing an Amazing Garden Party

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Kids Birthday Party – A garden party for a kid’s birthday is a great idea. Not only does it let them use their energy up, but it does keep the mess outdoors! If you have that marquee, put it up and put the food in it. You could create a circus tent atmosphere with balloons, streamers and lots of colour (make sure that there is nothing that could be picked up and inadvertently swallowed by younger children) and you could even hire a circus style entertainer, face painter or balloon animal maker! Get out some lawn games if the weather is dry, like kids croquet or even twister to keep them all entertained.

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Wedding Reception – So maybe your son or daughter is looking to host their wedding reception party at your home? Make it one to remember – discuss what they are looking for with them first, and make sure that you have plenty for everyone food-wise. Those fairy lights from Christmas could come in useful again here for a romantic atmosphere, and maybe think about a dazzling centrepiece like an ice sculpture?


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