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Tips to get the best from your solicitor

It goes without saying that you want your solicitor to provide an excellent standard of service and customer care. However, there are some simple things you can do that will ensure that you enjoy the best experience from using a solicitor.

Be very clear about what you want to achieve and what the time frame or deadline should be.

Give your solicitor all the relevant facts and documents that they would need to help you – although it may seem like it will save you time and money to only provide the bare minimum, the context can be everything, and if they do not have all the facts, the advice they give could be wrong.

If you are asked to provide a document to your solicitor, make sure all documents are present and arranged logically – so the solicitor does not have to spend time putting everything in order and pursuing you for the missing documents.

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If your solicitor asks you to provide information or documents on a specific date, try your best to do it – missing a deadline could have catastrophic consequences for your case (and you will end up paying for the time spent chasing you). For a Solicitor Gloucester, visit a site like deeandgriffin.co.uk

Talk with your solicitor right at the start about how they will communicate with you – for example, will you be sent a copy of all correspondence, do you want weekly progress reports, will the correspondence will be sent by email / post etc.

For in-depth telephone calls, schedule a time to call, don’t just call out of the blue. Otherwise you could end up playing the costly and annoying game of ‘tennis voicemail’. Second, if the call is set in advance and your lawyer know what it was about, he or she can ensure that they are free to focus on your needs, have the right documents in front of them and will have the opportunity to give some thought to your request so that they can suggest a quick and efficient response.

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Listen to the advice you are given. Whether you follow this advice is of course up to you, but make sure you understand the advice and the implications of not following it. If there is anything that you don’t fully understand, be sure to ask questions.

There is nothing wrong with having good expectations. Legal services can be costly and you are allowed to feel that you deserve a high level of customer care.

Do not be afraid to discuss the cost. On first appointing them, your solicitor must provide clear information about the fees that will be charged. Ideally, the solicitor should also make it clear with you the options available regarding the cost (for example, a fixed fee or closed, the hourly rate) If you are not provided with an update on routine expenses, ask for one.


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