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Tips for keeping your work van and its contents safe

Leaving valuables in your van is an unavoidable aspect of operating a vehicle for business purposes, yet there is no need to take unnecessary risks or leave goods and equipment vulnerable to theft.

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Here are a few tips to improve the security of your LCV which you should adopt as soon as possible to minimise threats.

Select a secure van

Thefts from vans are on the rise, with tools a particular target for thieves looking to make an opportunistic grab for items that can easily be resold – https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/van-drivers-hit-tool-thefts-12427271. Because of this, you should choose a van which is innately secure, or add optional extras when ordering from the manufacturer which put protection at the top of the agenda.

Inclusions like an alarm and immobiliser combo can make it harder to steal the van itself, while installing deadlocks on the access points will make it tougher to get at the contents.

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Choose third-party protection

There are a variety of security devices which can be added as an aftermarket option to vans, which may be useful if you already own the vehicle you want to protect and do not want to swap it for a newer model altogether.

From Chevrons kits to Thatcham-approved alarms and GPS tracking systems, the world is your oyster when it comes to third-party security solutions. Chevrons kits will also help with the visibility of your vehicle, which will not only help avoid accidents but will make it more conspicuous when it is parked up, and thus, less attractive as a target for criminals looking to get their malicious work done unseen.

Park with care

All of the security systems and modern solutions in the world will not be enough to stop a particularly determined thief from trying to steal the contents of your van, and the biggest factor which impacts its safety is often the place you choose to park it, particularly at night.

As well as removing valuables from the van when it is left for long periods, such as overnight, you need to put it in a position that will not make life easier for crooks. Ideally, a securely locked building or parking structure will be chosen, but if not a street or driveway with CCTV monitoring in place will be a suitable stand-in.



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