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Three fast-growing UK-based gardening businesses

Gardening is big business in the UK, with research suggesting that Brits spend up to £30,000 on our gardens in a lifetime. Now more than ever, we take as much pride in the design and layout of our gardens as we do the interior of our homes.

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Improving our outside space not only makes it more usable and adds value to the property, according to the charity Mind, but there are also some real health benefits from gardening.

Recently, three new businesses have sprung up in the gardening sector, taking advantage of this boom. Here is a look at who they are and what they offer.


It’s no surprise that technology is starting to make its way into the world of gardening, and Fastgardener is an app that connects people who want work done with gardening businesses that can offer those services in the right area. Its like a tender system for homeowners, linking them up with reliable professionals while they take a small percentage of each job. It now serves most large UK cities, but the business was started in London. Services generally cost between £20 and £30 per hour.

Of course, to get some of the health benefits mentioned earlier, you really do need to get down and dirty. Plenty of us still do most of our gardening ourselves. To make life as easy as possible, it’s worth making sure that you keep your equipment in good working order. Clean off excess dirt and debris before putting tools away, and replace parts as they wear out. If you’re looking for Mountfield Spares, companies such as https://www.diyspareparts.com/parts/mountfield/ can help.

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This app gives homeowners access to plant experts online. You simply scan the barcode of the plant in question into the app and the information is passed to an expert who will come back and tell you all about the plant, whether you want to know what it is or you’re not sure how to care for it.

Sirius Minerals

This company is expected to see huge growth over the coming years exporting its fertiliser product. The nutrient-rich product is extracted from its site in North Yorkshire in the most environmentally friendly way.

It’s not just plants that are set to grow in the garden over the coming years; business are also growing!


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