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Things you need for the gym

So, you’ve finally plucked up the courage to enter the gym as you have run out of excuses for putting it off. Now, it’s important to arm yourself with everything you need to make it a smooth and enjoyable experience, which, contrary to popular belief, it can indeed be. Here are some of the gym essentials. Don’t worry, there is nothing fancy or expensive as the main goal is simply to exercise!

  1. A simple bag

Regardless of the activity, a good bag can make anything feel more organised. A gym bag can be anything, and most certainly doesn’t need to be branded or expensive. Pack it each night before you plan to go, so you can simply grab it and get going the next day.

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  1. Music

Many people find that having a workout playlist is both helpful and motivating. Your favourite music will give you a boost of energy, right when you might be feeling too tired to even get going. Whatever pumps you up and gets you through is fine, so don’t rely on the gym’s radio and tailor your workout to suit your mood.

  1. Headphones

Of course, to listen to those motivating tunes, you’ll want a solid pair of headphones that won’t get in the way.  What suits an individual is a highly personal choice, but most find wireless are the only effective headphones to don during a gym training session. For a Gym Dublin, visit a site like https://southsidegym.ie/

  1. Tracker

Most people these days like to monitor their workouts by wearing some kind of device or having an app that tracks activity, heart rate and progress, for example. It makes it easier to look back at previous workout sessions so you can monitor how things are going and how to move forward in your workouts.

  1. Trainers

Nothing special is required, particularly for those who are just starting out. Don’t be put off by thinking that you can’t exercise as your old trainers aren’t good enough. Once you become a regular, then it might be time to visit a sports store and have your feet analysed to see what style of trainers are best suited.

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  1. Lightweight clothing

Again, don’t worry about pricey, branded sportswear unless you already own some. As long as what you wear is light, doesn’t restrict movement and feels comfortable, then that’s all that’s needed.

  1. Water bottle

Although you’ll mostly likely find water fountains, some people prefer to take their own drink that they sip from as they workout. It doesn’t matter what colour, style or size it is, although a sturdy material is recommended for standing up to repeated use.



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