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Things to look out for when buying a quad bike

If you are thinking about buying a quad bike but find the range of options available a little overwhelming, these tips will give you an idea of what to consider during your search.

Things to look out for when buying a quad bike

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Is it road legal?

Some people just want to ride a quad bike on private land, where the laws of the road are not applicable; however, if you intend to take yours onto public highways, you will need to make sure that the ATV you are buying is compliant with relevant regulations. This is easily done by checking the paperwork included when you make your purchase; in addition, you should check the key components, such as the tyres, to ensure the overall eligibility.

Does the bike have a kill switch?

A kill switch is an essential inclusion that ensures the quad bike is safe to use and that the engine can easily be turned off in an emergency. Bikes aimed at younger riders may come with a wrist-mounted kill switch that cuts out the engine if they fall off, which could be an advantage for safety-conscious parents.

Are the brakes in a good state of repair?

When buying a used quad bike, checking on the wear and tear that components such as the brakes have undergone during prior use is vital. This not only means looking to see that the brake pads have not been worn to dangerously low levels but also checking the tension in the cables to seek out any unwanted stretching, which would lessen the effectiveness of the machine’s stopping power.

Seeking out reputable retailers such as http://www.allsparesatv.com/product/can-am-outlander-l-450/, a Can Am dealer Ireland based buyers can choose, will give you peace of mind and guarantee the quality of the bike you buy. Insuring your quad bike is also sensible, especially with the number of thefts that occur each year.

Things to look out for when buying a quad bike2

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Has the engine been properly set up?

Whether a new or used quad bike is on your wish list, checking the engine before you power it up for the first time will help you to avoid doing any unintentional damage. Much like the engine of a full car, a quad bike’s power plant will have various fluids that need to be checked and maintained over time, including oil, fuel and engine coolant.


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