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These are the benefits of solar energy investment

Solar energy is not just a clean alternative to heating and lighting your home. Switching to solar panels can also help save you money in the long run.
The advantages of installing solar panels

1. They’ll reduce your energy bills, and can even earn you money. With the help of a solar battery, you can store the energy from your solar panels and then use it in the evenings when the sun’s gone down.

And if the electricity you generate exceeds what you use, the excess is sent back to the National Grid, where your supplier will pay you for it. Martin Lewis’s¬†moneysavingexpert.com¬†provides a list of energy providers and what they’ll pay you for any excess energy you generate.

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2. They’re easy to maintain. Most roof-mounted solar panels have a 25-year warranty and can be operational for up to 40 years. During that time they’ll need little more than an annual clean.

3. They’ll reduce your carbon footprint. The energy you’re generating comes directly from the sun, so you can feel good about your contribution to fighting climate change.

4. There is a huge choice of local and national installation companies, so whether you’re looking for solar panel installation in Bristol, Birmingham or Bexhill, be sure to ring round and compare quotes.

Check whether your roof is big enough for the savings to be viable and whether the panels are made by a reputable manufacturer. It’s important to make sure they’re recycled safely at the end of their life.

Choosing solar panels

Having solar panels installed may not suit everyone. The roof area may not be suitable, for example. And in terms of cost, it can take around 10 years of energy bill savings to break even with the cost of installation.

However, schemes such as the Government scheme ECO4, and the Home Upgrade Grant offered by certain local authorities are available to owners of energy-inefficient homes in certain circumstances. If, for example, you’re thinking about solar panel installation Bristol, check with the Bristol City Council to see if you’re eligible.

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