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The World’s Busiest Shipping Lanes

Spending time at sea is something that many people enjoy, and the popularity of sailing your own vessel and courses like this day skipper course https://www.solentboattraining.co.uk/rya-sailing-courses/rya-day-skipper-practical-sailing that help you are still high. The sea is also still an important part of the global infrastructure of the world too, and despite all of the technological advances and air travel now being the most popular way to get about, shipping is still important for commercial vessels – these are some of the busiest shipping lanes in the world…

The Panama Canal – Construction on the Panama Canal started in 1904 and ended in 1914, and it allows boats to easily cross the continent of America without having to go around the perilous waters in the North or South. It allows ships to go between the Atlantic and Pacific and thousands of ships pass through the canal each month.

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The English Channel – The busiest shipping route in the world is the English Channel and the Dover Strait connecting France and the UK sees hundreds of ships make the journey on a daily basis. At the narrowest, it measures only 21 miles between the two countries.

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The Suez Canal – This Egyptian canal is the link between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic, creating a cut through for vessels to be able to move goods over large distances. It is a narrow canal meaning that if there are problems and blockages it can result in long delays, so the traffic in the canal needs to be well managed.


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