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The slippery world of ice skating

Ice skating is a popular sport and also a popular past time. Many people enjoy skating around the ice during the winter season and perhaps as a pre-Christmas treat. In many larger shopping areas, you will find ice rinks popping up in late November. If your car park is looking at bit slippery it is best to employ the services of Car Park Gritting Gloucester company http://www.contract-gritting.co.uk rather than having your own personal ice rink.

If you are a fan of all things ice skating, here are a few facts for you to have a skate around!

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It is thought that ice skating has been around for more than 3000 years and originated in Finland where people attached pieces of bone to the bottom of their feet to move around on the ice. It was the Dutch that established the idea of bladed on the bottom of shoes and they used iron to create their skating shoes in the 1300s. It wasn’t until the 1600s that ice skating appeared in the United Kingdom and in 1740 the first skating club was established – the Edinburgh Skating Club.  Since this time, we have developed sports such as speed skating, figure skating and ice hockey as well as enjoying skating as a hobby and in some parts of the world it is still a necessary skill to be able to move around the landscape during the colder icier months.

It was the latter part of the 1850s when figure skating was first established as a result of skaters playing around with jumps and sins whilst on the ice and in 1896 the first ever men’s championships were held in Russia, followed by the first ever women’s competition in Switzerland in 1906. An interesting fact about the music that is played during figure skating is that during competitions only music that does not contain any lyrics can be used. All of the ice-based sports are included in the Olympics which is an indication of the popularity and skill that is needed in these activities.

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Skating on natural expanses of water that have frozen over carries a number of risks including the chances of falling through the ice into the freezing water. This carries risks of serious injury and death. It is why people are encouraged to use man made ice rinks that have no possibility of falling through. Accidents on the ma made rinks are usually confined to slips, trips, bumps and bruises.


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