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The Role of a Property-Buying Agent

Once the property-buying agent was a resource used primarily by the extremely wealthy when searching for top-end, multi-million-pound properties. These days many more potential property purchasers are using a property-buying agent, and there are good reasons why.

The Role of a Property-Buying Agent

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Taking Advantage in a Competitive Market

The act of locking down a property is getting more difficult, so it makes sense to call upon the experts. The Telegraph reported last year that more and more ordinary people are using buying agents to cut through the lengthy obstacles than purchasing property can involve.

One spokesperson of property buying agents in London said that a fifth of their client base were first-time buyers with relatively modest budgets. The proportion of first-time buyers has increased markedly over the past decade.

Dealing with Vendors and Their Agents

Some customers searching for new homes have encountered difficulties in getting vendors’ agents to take them seriously. When using reputable buying agents, such as bowerypropertyfinders.com, this is no longer an issue. They will also know if a property that could suit a buyer has been overlooked because it was poorly presented, or offer advice on properties that are not entirely suitable at present but with minor modifications could suit the buyer very well.

First Look

Many buying agents have access to prime property before it hits the market proper. This is where their clients really cash in, as they get their pick of the best offerings before those who are searching for themselves get a chance to see them. Buying agents also have contacts in their field and local knowledge which can help to facilitate the search.

Historical Advantage

Buying agents can also help when negotiating a deal, as they will know the history of a property – when it was last sold and for how much, what its strengths are and its weaknesses, what work has been done on it and what the vendors would rather you didn’t discover until you have moved in.

Making the Process Easier

Some claim that buying agents are expensive, while others say that their services were vital in getting through the often tiresome and stressful experience of buying property. What they can definitely do is act for the buyers and cut through all the extraneous information that estate agencies throw around and streamline the process.


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