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The Many Uses Of A Megaphone Bullhorn

The megaphone is much more than a device that is used in emergencies or in disaster management situations.

But, the sad truth is that most folks look upon the good old bullhorn as a piece of equipment that is used to shout out warnings when there’s trouble. However, a megaphone has many other uses.

Have you ever seen a school picnic or children in the school gymnasium? We’ll give you 10-to-1 that their class teacher will has a megaphone strapped to her shoulder, which she’ll be using to instruct the children on how to make their next moves. Also, have you seen a soccer coach instructing his team with a bullhorn? It’s a fairly common sight. Tour operators use megaphones to guide tourists in their care.

What do these simple examples prove?
They prove that a bullhorn can be effectively used indoors and outdoors, and that it helps out in both the areas. They also prove that a megaphone can instruct and guide, aside from warning about disasters.

Of course, bullhorns have been helping save lives ever since they were invented. They are used to warn and instruct people in a fire, to warn people of impending disasters (many Hurricane Sandy survivors evacuated their homes in the nick of time because they were warned by officials with bullhorns), etc., and etc.

A bullhorn can be used in any situation no matter how complicated it is. It’s a direct-communication device. The speaker hollers and the people listen and act. End of story. It also does much more than amplify voice. For example, if a fire alarm system fails, a bullhorn can be used to alert people to evacuate the area. So, a megaphone can literally double up as an effective manual alarm system.

However, with that said, most folks dismiss the bullhorn in these times of instant communication. They feel that cellphones and instant messaging have made the good old megaphone redundant. But they are wrong – can you ever imagine texting people to evacuate a building when a building’s on fire, or when there’s a tsunami approaching? There are many situations that require a bullhorn – nothing will ever change that.

To sum up, a bullhorn is a very handy and helpful device. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It can double up as a manual alarm system. It can guide people, help train them, save lives and much more. So, the next time you see a bullhorn in action do not dismiss it as another piece of equipment – think of it as a lifesaver, instructor, helper and guide.


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