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The importance of staying active as we age

We all know that exercise is beneficial for us, but it’s not just young people who need to stay active and healthy. As we age, exercise can help to keep us healthy, have more energy and live more independently. Care homes have lots of activities planned to keep residents as active as possible. Find out more about Care Homes Taunton at a site like Notaro, a provider of Care Homes Taunton.

Those aged above 65 spend about 10 hours each day either sitting or lying down makes them active age group at least. This sort of inactivity can, however, make them feel worse, making them feel that they may be weakened and more prone to accidents. Those who remain inactive have a higher risk of falls, are more likely to suffer from obesity and heart disease.

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As we get older, it is more important than ever to remain active to maintain health and independence. Inactivity can mean that all the activities a person used to love doing can start getting harder and harder to do. It could be more difficult to walk to the shops or play with grandchildren, for example. Decreased energy levels can occur and people can experience pain which they didn’t previously have. People may also start to feel more anxious and vulnerable about having a fall.

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Evidence suggests that those who remain active have a lower chance of developing heart disease, stroke, getting some types of cancer, dementia, depression and type 2 diabetes. For all those who want to continue to enjoy life to the fullest, free of pain and independent, it is important to get up and about with some regular exercise.


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