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The importance of mowing your lawn

You might think mowing the lawn is simply to stop your home looking like a jungle. However, there is more to it than that. If you do it well, you will end up with top quality grass with a better appearance and texture.

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Whilst cutting the grass can feel like a time-consuming task, it is one of the most important as it has a big impact on the quality of your turf. A general rule of thumb in terms of mowing frequency is to mow often but not too close. The reason for this is to reduce the growth of weeds, avoids removing too much fertiliser and stops excessive growth of leaves. Mowing not very often and too close will destroy the type of grass that you want to let grow by weakening it. The grass will soon become victim to weeds, moss and meadow grass.

The best time of the year to start your mowing routine is between March and October. The frequency very much depends on where you live – the weather, the type of soil and the quality of your grass. Make sure your mower is in top condition. For Briggs And Stratton Parts, visit DIY Engine Parts

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A general rule of thumb is to aim for twice weekly during the summer months, once per week throughout spring and autumn and if the summer is particularly dry.

For the best mowing experience, it’s important to ensure the blades of the mower are set at the right height. Always cut the grass when it is dry as cutting when it is wet will produce a ragged, uneven result.


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