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The historical town of Canterbury

Canterbury Is a beautiful city located in the county of Kent and is just over 50 miles from London. Many people are drawn to the city to visit the various historical sites that it has to offer and others to attend the Canterbury Christ Church University or the nearby University of Kent. This is what makes it a popular place for people searching for Canterbury Student Accommodation like those you can find at  https://canterburystudenthomes.co.uk/

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Canterbury is most well-known for its status as a pilgrimage site during the middle ages and the famous Canterbury Cathedral which is reported to be one of oldest cathedrals in England. Some areas dated back as far as the sixth century. Each day you will find the 17th Century bell being rung to both open and close the cathedral doors at the start and end of the day. The church of St Martin is the oldest church in England that is still used for services today and St Martin’s still holds the Renaissance Mass in the same way as was performed back in the 14th and 15th Centuries. The status of the Cathedral as a pilgrimage site originated from the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket. Many people still travel to the site today to see the place where Thomas a Becket was murdered as a result of the orders of King Henry II back in 1170 – although some historians dispute this and note that Henry II simply wanted to Archbishop to stop getting in his way and that murder was not what he wished.

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One of the countries pieces of classical literature, The Canterbury Tales, was written by Geoffrey Chaucer and followed the journey and lives of a number of colourful characters who are all making the pilgrimage to Canterbury. The characters include the Wife of Bath, the Nun’s Priest and the Canon. Each of the characters are taking part in the pilgrimage for their reasons and each brings with them their own set of emotional and psychological baggage.

The name Canterbury is thought to have influenced the name canter meaning to trot or run. This is because many of the pilgrims would arrive in the City riding on horseback would race to the city in order to avoid missing the curfew for entering the area, this led to the name Canterbury trot and then later canter.


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