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The Hazel Tree -One of Natures First Signs of Spring

Spring is in the air and it is now starting to show in the natural world – get out for a spring walk and see if you can spot the signs of spring. Although the earth is starting to warm and wake up after the long winter, it is a good idea to wrap up warm still at this time of year as spring weather can be quite unpredictable! Shop Aran sweaters for a cosy layer on the chillier spring days.

There are many signs of spring that you can look out for – the daffodils jolly yellow appearance, as well as the birds bursting into action and building nests and looking for a mate. One of the other signs that spring is on the way is the appearance of the catkins on the Hazel tree -often known as one of the first trees in the woodland to wake up after the winter. If you go for a walk in the woodlands see if you can see one of these amazing trees, identified by the catkins which hang from the branches.

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Hazel trees are a favourite habitat for wildlife – a range of birds such as woodpeckers, Yellowhammers and Nightjars all find food and shelter in the Hazel tree and the dormice also find them abundant in food such as caterpillars and the late summer nuts that the tree produces.

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When you come across a Hazel tree it is usually coppiced so it will not be that tall, but you will still be able to notice that it has catkins at this time of the year, followed by the leaves as spring progresses into summer which are hairy and have a pointed shape to them.




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