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The gift guide for last-minute shoppers

Christmas, birthdays and other occasions have a way of creeping up on us so quickly that we are often left flummoxed as to what to buy our loved ones. The pressure mounts as we rack our brains, pondering which gift our grandparents, mother, father, son or daughter would appreciate – and without leaving us completely skint.

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If you are a procrastinator who tends to leave their gift shopping to the last minute, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We have collated a guide for gifts that will benefit all you time-poor and disorganised folk out there and will guarantee to put a smile upon your loved ones’ faces.

1. Grandma

There is no one quite like your grandma, so make sure you get her something that reflects how wonderful she is. A sentimental gift always goes down well, with something simple yet personal such as a photo frame containing a family picture sure to be well received. If your grandmother is inclined to bake, kitchen appliances or bakery products are likely to be fantastic options.

2. Grandpa

If your grandpa enjoys a fine whiskey, some crystal whiskey glasses will certainly bring a smile to his face and a twinkle to his eye; alternatively, sports merchandise will always be well received if he is an avid sports fan.

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3. Mother

Treat your mum to a day spa voucher or an afternoon tea to show how much she means to you; alternatively, if she is a fan of jewellery, perhaps choose something decadent for her. If finding the perfect piece seems a little daunting, check out a guide to jewellery buying.

4. Father

A special occasion is the perfect time to update your father’s wardrobe with some new pieces, such as a pair of loafers or jumper. A personalised lap tray from a stockist such as https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk will also go down a storm for being both individual and practical.

5. Son

The list is abundant for what you can buy your son, including a jet ride pack, sports merchandise, wireless Dr Dre headphones, or a paintball skirmish voucher.

6. Daughter

Show your little girl how special she is through your gift. Bluetooth speakers, makeup products, retail vouchers or cool sports gear are all likely to be popular choices.


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