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The Different Kinds of Commercial Freezer

Freezers have changed a lot about the way we live. Ever since home freezing came in, we have been able to buy food more economically and keep it for longer.

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But it’s not just our homes that have been changed. The advent of artificial freezing has also transformed the way we do business. Indeed, businesses were drawing advantages from their freezers before smaller units really started to catch on in homes, because there are so many advantages to freezing for businesses. They allow stock to be stored long-term and still remain fresh, and besides reducing wastage this allows for more economical bulk purchasing. It also means exotic perishable goods can be more easily and affordably shipped over long distances and offered for sale, fresh and reasonably priced, on shop shelves thousands of miles from their place of production. If you need to get a freezer back to your home or business you can contact a Van Hire Southend on Sea company to help you out.

So after decades enjoying the benefits of commercial freezers and of continuing technological development, what kinds of commercial freezers are around? There are, in fact, several kinds and they differ from domestic freezers in several key ways.

Reach-in Commercial Freezers

These are similar to big, heavy-duty versions of the domestic reach-in freezers that you find in most modern homes. They are commonly used in the food service industry for back-of-house operations. They don’t offer the kind of capacity needed for large-scale commerce, but they offer the same sort of convenience for commercial kitchens as their domestic cousins do for your kitchen at home. They provide a quick, well-organised, easily-accessible source of frozen goods while in the process of preparing food.

Commercial Chest Freezers

Once again, these resemble their domestic counterparts but bigger, tougher and with more powerful compressors to maintain temperatures more effectively. Chest freezers are also noticeably more popular these days among commercial users than domestic ones. While most home users prefer the easy organisation and accessibility of reach-in freezers, the fact that chest freezers allow for maximum storage remains a priority for many businesses. As a result, there are many different types of commercial chest freezers available from outlets.

Walk-in Freezers

When many people think of commercial freezing solutions, they will first think of walk-in freezers. The advantages of these are fairly obvious: they provide a very large amount of space for frozen food storage and can be organised in a similar way to reach-in freezers but on a massive scale. Technologically-speaking, they are much simpler than you might think. They are essentially just heavily-insulated rooms with a powerful cooling unit installed.

Display Freezers

In a sense, display freezers represent the odd-one-out in this group of commercial freezer families. They are designed for a significantly different purpose. While all the other types need to provide efficient and practical frozen food storage for a business, display freezers have to provide shop-floor storage in a way that not only keeps food fresh but allows it to be displayed attractively to customers. Often, there is a setup similar to a chest freezer with set compartments allowing food to be stacked neatly, with a reach-in freezer full of shelves above. All doors, if present at all, will be glass to keep the food on display.


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