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The development of London

It’s easy to see why London has grown to the size that it is. As with many towns and cities development its all about location, location, location. The urban spwarl of London looks like showing no signs of abating and people still want to live there despite the high prices for even the smallest of properties. It’s why it’s essential that you get a Conveyancing Solicitors London based company to look after your affairs. One example is Sam Conveyancing.

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London owes its size and success to the Thames. This large wide mouthed river allowed for trade to come directly up to its centre. London is effectively two cities, Westminster and London itself. As the wealth of Westminister expanded it absorbed the towns and villages around it. From Lambeth to Hounslow, the city grew and grew.

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Its closeness and access to the open sea allowed it to make the most of Europe and the trade that this brought with it. With all this money coming in, it’s no real surprise that the most significant buildings were created here. Although its Royal connections are not as old as you might think. Until the purchase of Buckingham Hall, originally a townhouse for the Duke Of Buckingham, by George the third a London residence was not on the priorities of the Monarch as they preferred Windsor Castle or Hampton Court (which is true today as the Elizabeth the Second is said to hate Buckingham Palace). This expansion and development has seen the capital grow to a size that is enormous compared to other Capitals with no central plan or shape.


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