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The best reasons to choose tensile canopies for schools

Tensile canopies can be used for a number of different purposes, both on a temporary and a permanent basis. They provide flexible, attractive and strong covered structures for venues, exhibition centres and schools all around the world.

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There are several reasons why tensile canopies are great for schools, and here are just a few of them:

Protection from the sun

According to the NHS, children in particular should not be exposed to too much sun, as sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer later in life.

Fabric canopies provide useful areas of shade in otherwise sun-drenched schoolyards – which is important in those sunny summer lunchtimes, when children are too busy running around playing to take much notice of sun protection.

They are ideal for teaching groups outdoors, too.

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Strong and durable

An important consideration for any school purchase, tensile structures are reliably strong and will last a long time, meaning they will provide your school with years of excellent service.

They are specially built to withstand rain, wind and snow, even in the worst of British winters, and they conform to all the correct British standards, so you can rest assured they will stay where they are put.

Quick to put up – and take down

Tensile structures are quick and easy to install, so there are no time-consuming and costly building works which create disruption and mess. They can also cover a surprisingly large area, and may be taken down and moved as and when necessary. This flexibility is great for schools, which may need to have different areas covered at different times.

Keep the noise down

Good news for the school’s neighbours, tensile canopies help reduce sound pollution by absorbing the children’s shouts and conversation, meaning happier communities all round.

Looking good

School canopies, such as those available at http://signaturestructures.com/school-canopies/, are truly attractive and come in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes. Their ability to create unique 3D structures means they will catch the eye of any visitor to your school.

Minimal maintenance

Another boon for cash-strapped schools, tensile canopies require the very minimum of maintenance, so will give you years of trouble-free cover. Requiring just a quick clean every now and then, they will look great for a long time to come.


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