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The beginnings of Bristol.

Bristol is one, if not the, most prominent City in the South West. It is a huge hub for the surrounding towns and villages of the area. It owes its wealth and status to two things, it is a natural port and brought in ships eager to avoid a long trip to Liverpool or down the English channel to Portsmouth, Southampton and London. It has always been a largely populated city The Blocked Drains Bristol had were once a problem until the arrival of modern plumbing. However if you have an issue,  Blocked drains Bristol company AMS Drains are there for you. What are the origins of this city?

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It seems that Bristol can trace its first inhabitants back some three hundred thousand years ago. From the finds uncovered by archaeology there is evidence of Neanderthals living and thriving by working with flint tools. The area was also littered with Iron Age Hill forts that took advantage of the undulating hills around the region. The Romans too had a present with the site of Abona. This was a support site for the much larger and prosperous Aqua Sulis, modern day Bath.  The area was also popular with the Romans for Villas as the fertile soil was perfect.

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From 1000 AD the town was formed from the ashes of the Dark Ages.It was a mint and trading centre. The Normans, keen to subjugate the area, built a huge Castle. The place was on its way.


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