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The ancient uses of Lavender plants

Lavender is one of the most common essential oils to be used and its fragrance is added to a number of different products and you can even enjoy this plant included in ice-cream.

The plant is in fact classed as a herb and has been used for thousands of years as a fragrant plant to dry and hang up in the home as well as being included in flower bouquets that you can find from a Gloucestershire Florist to give an added layer of scent and of course as a plant to diffuse the oil from.

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Lavender plants can be found in a number of different varieties and is an incredibly versatile and adaptable planting meaning it can be left to grow in its bush like low level spread or it can be trained into a number of different shapes and can even be used as low level hedging. If you want to see these plants in all their natural glory you can take a visit to Snowshill Lavender fields where you can see this gorgeous plant growing in its hundreds.

Back in Ancient Egyptian times Lavender was used as a part of the mummification process as a way in which to cleanse the body whilst embalming them with perfume. It was believed that these processes meant that the deceased individual would be welcomed into the afterlife rather than being taken to the underworld. The Ancient Greeks also used Lavender in their medical routines for helping to ease pain and aches in the back area as well as to help those suffering from insomnia. It is still used today as an aid for relaxation and to help the individual calm enough to be able to drift into sleep.

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During 17th Century England this plant was used during the outbreak of the Bubonic Plague partly as a way in which to cover up the awful smell but also as it was thought it may help to ward of this terrible disease. Although the plague spread rapidly, they may not have been far off thinking that lavender could help protect them as it is in fact a great bug repellent and is added to insect sprays for this reason. Planting it next to other plants that are prone to insects and pests can help to eradicate this issue for budding gardeners.

Lavender is in fact an incredibly hardy plant and it can survive in poor soil conditions as well as in areas where there may be a lack of water. It will continue to produce the beautiful flowers that have become well known and were first grown by the Shakers in fields that they used to harvest the flowers from and sell to those looking for herbs all over the globe.


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