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Tennis – a game of aristocrats

Tennis – a very popular sport. The game is usually attended by two or four players, the task of which is to promise the ball racket opponent so that he could not parry.

The first game of tennis has described William Shakespeare. Already in the 17th-century French aristocrats considered it necessary to master her skills. While tennis fun and was considered a privilege of the nobility. A limited number of players, as well as the number of viewers. In the 18th century in Paris was only 10 halls for tennis, and those are not maintained at the desired level.

In modern tennis is played on a special rectangular area called a court. Court bisected stretched across the net. The length of it, according to the rules, must be 23.77 meters, width – 8.23 m (in doubles – 10.97 meters). On the court, there are the so-called back and side lines, and the area to move the participants. On both sides of the grid located zone. In court can be different cover: grass, clay, hard and synthetic. Each type of coating in its own acts to rebound the ball and the speed of movement of participants.

The main attribute of the game – this is, of course, a tennis racket, consisting of a handle and a metal head, on which the strings. She strikes the ball. The rim of the racket can be made of wood, but usually is a metal. For mass-produced strings racquets usually artificial: nylon, it is worth noting that today is very popular strings Gamma MOTO, learn more about which you can then

However, considered the best natural, made from bovine lived. The tension of the vertical and horizontal string differs by 2 kilograms. Average stringing – 26 kilograms. The strength of the tension on the line associated with the control of the ball.

Another important part of the game – a hollow rubber ball covered with felt outside the yellow, which gives the subject special properties.

During the game, players stand to face each other, separated by a net. One player called feeding, the other – the host. The idea is to guide the ball strikes the racket opponent so that he could not parry. In the flight, the ball must not touch the court more than once.

Tennis Party – set – consists of several games. Scoring is carried out within each game. The winner is the one who has won 6 games.

As a rule, tournaments are divided into male, female and mixed. The most popular single event, but there are guys like “gay” or mixed. Also tested age competitions: adults, children, junior. Play tennis and disabled.


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