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Ten skin care tips from dermatologists

Here is a look at ten tips from dermatologists to keep your skin looking young and fresh.

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1. Protection, protection, protection

We all know it, but how often do we actually do it? Layer on the sunscreen and make sure it’s a broad-spectrum, SPF30+ across all your uncovered areas.

2. Reapply regularly

You should reapply sunscreen every three hours so you don’t lose any of its benefits. Consistency is of crucial importance.

3. Watch what you eat

Breakfasts containing essential fatty acids can really help you avoid inflammation and keep fine lines and blotchiness under control. Try nuts such as almonds or an oily fish such as salmon or tuna.

4. Boost your moisture

Keep a spring water spray on hand and spritz regularly. The water is jam-packed full of minerals including selenium, so it it will provide additional UV protection.

5. Control stress

Spikes in stress can aggravate hormones and give you breakouts. Take ten minutes a day to just relax or even a few minutes away from technology in a quiet room.

6. Make your bed your skincare haven

Consider placing your products next to your bed. That way, they’ll be right on hand for easy access if you’re tired or often forget to use them.

7. Exercise well

Cardio with high impact like running can be challenging if you’re avoiding saggy skin. Consider cycling and the elliptical as alternatives.

8. Take up yoga

Poses like downward dog give your skin a great oxygen glow, and regular practice can reduce the stress that can speed up aging.

9. Watch your salt intake

Sodium can make you puffy, so watch your labels like a hawk and cut back where necessary.

10. Move away from the sweet stuff

Sugar breakdown can damage your skin-supporting collagen. Stick to low GI foods and help your body help you. You can read more about the benefits of avoiding sugar on MyFitnessPal.

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Follow these ten tips and you’ll soon find yourself looking more youthful, and your friends will be asking you to share your secrets!


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