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Taking a walk around Britain.

Britain is blessed with a huge amount of green space. For such a small island and a large population it’s a great testament to Historic England, successive Governments, local councils and charity bodies like the RSPB, Ramblers Associations and the National Trust that we have so much of it protected and available to walk. A good walk is like motivational speakers such as https://www.adventureman.org/. They can inspire you to greater things. What are the best and most rewarding walks you can take in the British Isles?

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Hadrian’s Wall – Northumberland. Imagine that you are a Legionnaire stomping along the edge of the civilised world. A constant worried eye to the North looking for a Pictish Horde and a desperate attempt to keep the cold out, The Wall, or at least its marked remains stretch across the closet coast to coast point in Britain from West to East. L You’ll see locations for Famous films (the marriage tree from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves) and the whole thing is the inspiration for the one in Game of Thrones.

Jersey – The Channel Islands.  The Island itself is only nine miles by five miles so you could almost walk around it in a couple of days. With the speed limit set and 40 miles per hour over the whole island why bother with a car? There are 45 miles worth of green lanes for you to wander around on the island taking in some stunning scenery and Seascapes.

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The Brecon Beacons – Wales. Here there are over 500 square miles within Wales to explore. This ranges from the lower foothills to taking on a big challenge like Pen y Fan which stands at two thousand nine hundred and six feet. While the views from the top are amazing the more sedate amongst you might want to opt for the lower hills with its intrepid mountain sheep, waterfalls and extraordinary views.

Norfolk Coastal Path – While the wind comes in of the North Sea hard and cold at least you’ll know this a very flat walk. One creature that is not bothered by the cold or roughness is the grey seal and you are sure to see some of these large mammals lolloping across the surf. There are beautiful golden dunes and a windmill or three making the most of that sea breeze to see along the way before you end with a fish supper in one of the many coastal towns.

This is just a few examples to get you started. There are many more, we didn’t even cover Scotland and Northern Ireland!



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