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Staying Safe and Smart on a Night Out

We all know, that from time to time, we go out with a group of friends and get separated and have no idea how we got home. For most women, this is just an innocent story, but more often we hear of attacks on women who have been walking home alone. So what can you do to lower your chances of being attacked or harmed on a night out?


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Have a Plan – If you are out in a group, make sure that if one of you is lost, or separated from the group you have all talked beforehand about what you will do. Whether you have a trusted person who you can ring, or a way that you will safely get home, it is worth talking about this beforehand to save people worrying and to ensure that everyone is safe. Save a taxi number to your phone and even carry a taxi number on you written down in case you lose the phone. If you are in Chester the Chester Taxi Company are a great one, but wherever in the country you are, make sure you find a reputable company before the night. NEVER ACCEPT A LIFT FROM A PERSON YOU DON’T KNOW OR TRUST

Be careful of drinks – This is an important one – never leave your drink unattended, no matter how close to it you may be. If you suspect somebody of interfering with it, alert security or a member of staff where you are immediately as you may not be the only one – you may be saving others. If you suspect that you have drank a drink that has had something put in it, seek medical help immediately, do not go off with someone that you don’t know. Staff at a bar or club will help you, if you have your phone call for an ambulance.

Be aware of where you are – It is important to remember, especially if you are in an unfamiliar location, where you are – do not go off down any side alleys or paths or roads that you do not know. Remember it is better to take a longer, safer route than to take a shortcut that could be dangerous.


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