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Spooks of Swansea – Sinister Secrets of the Gower

When you think of the picturesque Gower coast, you probably think of fresh air, beautiful scenery, and blue flag beaches. But dig a little deeper, and there are some more spooky secrets lurking in this scenic seaside spot.

Pennard Castle – The 13th century castle, now in ruins is famous for many spooky stories. Legend has it, that the castle was build in one night by a sorcerer trying to protect himself from the Norman invasion. Another story says that the Prince, whilst intoxicated on the night before his wedding insulted the local faerie folk, who unleashed their wrath on him as punishment for his insults with an enormous sandstorm, causing the prince and his guests to make a speedy retreat from the castle, which led to the castle being in it’s now ruined state. Anyone daring to spend the night at the castle, may encounter the ghost of a witch, who drowned in a lake nearby and now haunts the castle at night time. You have been warned!

The Boathouse of Dylan Thomas –  Not far from the Gower Peninsula is Dylan Thomas’ boathouse – a popular tourist attraction. It is not the ghost of the great poet himself that haunts this boathouse but the ghost of his mother, Florence whose spirit is still believed to be in residence here. There have been many ghostly goings on at the boathouse over the years, including lights that are switched on at night, pictures swapping themselves around on the walls and the sounds of chairs scraping across the floor as if someone is standing up quickly. It is lucky that nobody actually lives here now – with modern technology that we are all accustomed to now, who knows what mischief Florence would get up to! She would probably give TV aerials Swansea company https://www.onevisionltd.co.uk/tv-aerial-installation-swansea a run for their money!

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Oystermouth Castle – The most famous of Swansea’s spirits -the White Lady of Oystermouth Castle. It is believed that she is the spirit of a former castle servant who was whipped to death by a castle Lord. There have been many reported sightings of the white lady, mainly by children who have been terrified by the sight of her. She is seen to be wearing all white and can be heard crying in the grounds surrounding the castle. A construction worker at the castle has also reported that he was tapped on the shoulder whilst working at the castle.


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