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Spice up Your Look! – 90’s Styles Making a Comeback

Whether or not you remember the 90’s, there’s no denying that the decade is making a comeback – so what are the big style must haves from the decade that gave us girl power, Britpop and Tony Blair?


Those of us that remember the first time around, crimped hair was the ultimate school disco look! The style has grown up a little this time around, but retains the fun. In Stella McCartney’s Spring/Summer 2015 show the models mad crimped hair look amazing. Try it yourself, crimp a few sections of hair, or crimp a whole head and tie it in a fishtail plait for a perfect festival look that will last the whole weekend.

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Tattoos and Henna

In the 90’s, Celebrities went wild for tattoos. All of a sudden, they were cropping up on every celebrity we could think of. No longer for sailors and punks, tattoos really came into their own in the 90’s, and henna was a big part of this. Take a look at Madonna in her Frozen video, always a trend leader, she really embraced the henna look. Of course you can try it yourself with temporary tattoos, but if you have taken the plunge for a real one and changed your mind check out http://future-form.co.uk/ for tattoo removal.

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Platform Shoes

The Spice Girls are probably the most famous leaders of this trend! Think sky high trainers, in bright and bold colours, worn with mini dresses, basically the higher these shoes are the better! These are making a big comeback and brands like YRU do an amazing range of shoes that the Spice Girls would (literally) fall head over heels for!


The film Clueless and its stars was a fashion beacon for teenagers everywhere! It is a shining example of 90s fashion in all its glory! Think chokers and checks. Think long sock and shiny hair and you will have the look spot on. A tartan miniskirt, long socks and a blazer is the perfect update on the look that Cher and co made their own! And if you are really feeling brave add a statement hat like Dionne!

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