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Speeches we wish we had heard

Speeches, such as those that you can hear at a conference that may have been developed by Event Management Companies Dublin way have the power to affect people. Whether this is to motivate them to do something in particular or to support a cause, the words of others have a profound effect.

Throughout history there have been a number of different speeches that have touched the hearts of thousands, including Martin Luther King and the speeches of Winston Churchill. Here are two lesser known, but equally as powerful speeches from the past.

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  1. Robert Emmet gave a fledgling voice to the growing movement for a Free Irish state removing British rule. At the tender age of 25 he led a rebellion that failed but at his trial he gave an impassioned speech form the Dock that would inspire generations to come. He wanted no epitaph or credit just that Ireland be free and others after him to be successful.
  2. Votes for Women 1901. Not as you would think from a suffragette, this was an honest heartfelt plea from the writer Mark Twain or Samuel Clemens if you prefer. Twain’s speech called for all women in the United States to get the vote. Although given at a girls school such a speech from such a high profile ally influenced many fence sitters on the subject.


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