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Speeches from a man who rallied together a nation.

Winston Churchill is remembered from many different reasons seeing us through a world war and for his incredible orator skills. You can be sure that today he would be gracing our screens with more amazing speeches. Our televisions have become the primary way in which we can see and hear people like this and so if you find that you picture is a little fuzzy you should consult with a Gloucester Aerial Installation company, You don’t want to miss the next big speaker!

  1. May 1940 to the House of Commons. At the age of 65 Churchill was handed power after the resignation of Chamberlain. Churchill addresses the House but in reality it is a message to the whole nation that the road to victory was going to be very hard and full of sacrifice. He also points out that victory must be total as there can be no parley with this enemy.
  2. “We shall never surrender” June 1940. The war isn’t going well. France has fallen and the bulk of the Allies army is almost captured or destroyed despite a miracle rescue at Dunkirk. Churchill stems the relief felt with the stark truth that Britain stands alone but that our resolve is rock solid.

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  1. Finest Hour 1940. So good they made a film about it. Churchill follows up never surrender with the opinion (still held) that if Britain does win (along with all of its Commonwealth Allies from India, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand) it will be the Empire’s best work.
  2. Thanking “the few” 1940. For a time the only thing stopping the Axis war machine was the pilots and ground crews of the RAF. With the help of RADAR and the bravery of Hurricane and Spitfire pilots the invasion was kept at bay. Especially when the Germans stopped bombing the airfields and decided to level London instead.



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