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Some of the dangers of working at a construction site

The construction site is a location where ongoing building is happening or repairs to a structure, for example. It is clear that this type of work will involve large machinery and equipment, completing tasks at height and potential access to dangerous materials. These sites are often hazardous places and the highest number of fatalities occur in this industry. The level of risk depends on what work is needed. Working with asbestos for example, will present a different challenge to working at height, for example.


Between 2015 and 2016, more than a quarter of all deaths were from falls making it the most common cause of deaths of construction workers.

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As a result, training is required for all those who need to work at height. This includes training on different equipment and surfaces, such as scaffolding, roofs and stairs. For a reputable Essex Scaffolding, visit a site like https://www.bgscaffolding.co.uk/scaffolding-essex/

All high work must be risk-assessed and then plans drawn up for the most secure method of completing the work. Employees must be properly trained and know the safety procedures for working at height.

Moving objects

Busy construction sites are constantly changing with many moving objects. These could include lifting equipment, excavators, cranes, supply vehicles and cement mixers all moving over a generally uneven surface. All workers must wear Personal Protection Equipment including high visibility clothing so they can be easily seen. The vehicles must have lights and beepers for increased visibility.

Slips and Falls

It can happen anywhere but with uneven terrain and a number of unused materials lying around, trips and falls are a common hazard. Every year, thousands of workers are injured following this kind of incident. These injuries can be prevented by ensuring sites, stairs and access routes are kept clear at all times.


With this type of work, material is always lifted and transported around the site, either manually or by machine. Handling has a certain level of risk and each should come with manual handling training first. Any use of lifting equipment must also involve training and, if necessary, testing and certification to prove safe use.


This building material is composed of six different fibrous minerals that occur naturally. Left undisturbed, asbestos is not a problem, but when moved, it can release fibres into the air and may be inhaled by workers. Over time, inhalation can cause diseases such as asbestosis and lung cancer. Surprisingly, asbestos kills about 5,000 workers a year and an estimated half a million public buildings in the UK contain asbestos. Workers should be trained on how to recognize it and what to do to safely handle it.

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Live electrical exposure can be fatal. There are about 1,000 electrical incidents in the workplace every year, mainly from contact with electric wires underground or overhead and from machinery. Electric shocks are also responsible for many falls from ladders and scaffolding.


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