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Silicone Hoses: Eight Diverse Uses

Silicone rubber hoses are highly useful in many different industries. These hoses are heat-tolerant, chemically unreactive and very flexible, so it is no surprise to find they have many uses. Silicone hoses can be used in the car, dairy, brewery and coffee-making industries.

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Car Detailing

Silicone tubing has become increasing popular in the car industry to use in coolant systems. Many of these silicone hoses come in bright colours, and car dealers are turning to these vibrant hues to add some pizazz to a new car. And if someone has taken the trouble to add a colourful hose, it is likely they put as much care and attention into other details.


Silicone hosing can also be used in dairies as a component of milking machines. These milking machines use a vacuum pump to transport the milk from cow to container. As silicone has a high tolerance for working in a vacuum under pressure, this material works well.


To make beer, you need a syphon hose to transport beer from one container to another without introducing air into the mix. You can have silicone hosing cut to any diameter or length to suit the needs of the brewer. This makes it ideal for use in home brewery operations, whether you are making beer or wine.

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Hookah Pipes

Although there have been some health concerns, smoking hookah is now a trendy thing to do, and silicone hosing is popular for this activity. The ideal hosing is a long enough length to allow the hookah to cool down before inhaling. Hosing can be ordered to length from all good silicone hose manufacturers, such as https://www.goodflexrubber.com/pages/silicone-hose-manufacture.


Air devices in fish tanks need to have tubing to connect them. Silicone tubing lasts longer than vinyl tubing, staying flexible for longer and not getting stiff with age as quickly. It also seals well and can withstand higher levels of pressure than vinyl.

Catheter Tubing

Medical-grade silicone tubing is used for catheters, as it is highly bio-compatible and unreactive. It has a high heat resistance and an inert molecular structure.


Coffee machines often use silicone hosing internally, as they have such high heat resistance and do not tend to leak. These machines can use the tubing for transporting water and creating froth in the milk.


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