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Signs your ducts need cleaning

If you have an air conditioning or warm air heating system in your home or office, it’s important for both the efficient operation of the system and the health of people in the building that the ducts are kept clean. Dust and dirt in the ducts can be a breeding ground for germs, mites and allergens. But how do you know when they need attention?

Signs your ducts need cleaning

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Warning Signs

If you notice dust being blown out of vents when the system is first turned on, then this could be an early warning sign that you need to take some action. Take off one of the vent covers and check behind it for dust, hair and other dirt. If the system has an air filter, check to see if this has become clogged.

In heating systems check the blower motor and fan for signs of dust. Air conditioning systems need to have the coil inspected to see if it’s clean. If it has dust clinging to it it’s a sign that the system’s air filters may be clogged and that dust will find its way round the rest of the system. All of these are signs that your ductwork needs attention.

If you need new filters or other ductwork parts, they’re readily available from suppliers like https://www.dustspares.co.uk/Ductwork/, so there’s no excuse for not getting your system cleaned up.

Health Issues

As well as looking at the system itself, there are some other signs that things may by going awry. Dirty air conditioning and heating ducts can lead to various health issues. If you constantly feel drained and tired, or you suffer from regular cold and flu infections, this too could be a sign of a dirty system.

Dry skin and irritated eyes can indicate problems too, and in extreme cases dirt from the system can aggravate conditions like asthma that lead to breathing difficulties.

The Effects

Cleaner ducts deliver a number of benefits in addition to preventing health issues. A clean system will run more efficiently and therefore use less energy, as well as being better at its job of heating and cooling.

You’ll also find that with properly maintained ducts your home or office is easier to keep clean, as dust and dirt are not being pushed around by the heating and ventilation system.


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