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Sick of the clutter?

A garage often becomes a dumping ground and it doesn’t take too long for a nicely organised space to resort back to a state of chaos. Thankfully, the war against chaos can be won with a little effort and a lot of organisation. Get your garage clear, ordered and sort out your storage systems, and you will always be able to find what you are looking for. Get it right and you will have plenty of space to store your tools and gardening equipment, and do away with anything else that usually just gets dumped in your garage. Here is a simple strategy:

What to do you want to achieve

Garages can be convenient dumps for everything that won’t fit in the house, but with some top quality garage shelving units you can transform your garage from a dump to an ordered storeroom, increasing your storage space many times over. Instead of clearing the clutter and boxing up all of your stuff, take a few minutes to plan your storage needs for the whole house.  This is an ideal opportunity to sort out your house and shed storage, repurposing the space.

Sick of the clutter

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Get cleaning

Yes, this is the tough bit as before you can get your storage sorted, you will need to clean out all the clutter, rubbish and items that you will never use again. It is far easier to assess the space you have available if it is totally cleared, and until all of your clutter has been organised, it will be difficult to assess accurately how much storage space you will need and the shelving units and cabinets you will need to buy. Be ruthless! Separate items into three piles –  items to throw away, items to keep and those which can be donated to charity or recycled. This stage might take some time so don’t get disheartened if you don’t do it in a day.

Getting organised

Plan where you want your stuff stored where it will be easily accessible and make sure that you factor in space to move around and use the space easily. Even small garages offer plenty of scope for storage. The key to using this space is to think volume rather than area, and vertical space rather than floor space. Calculate your storage requirements to make sure you have ample space to keep all of your equipment, and factor in extra space for future storage needs.

Storage options

The easiest way to create more storage space in a garage is with shelving. Shelves can be fixed to the wall, but this will severely limit the weight of the items you can store and it will be time consuming to drill the holes and make sure the shelves are level. The most practical and versatile solution is to purchase free-standing shelving units. Not only are they practical and easy to install, but they can be moved and repositioned easily should future storage needs change. For Garage Shelving, visit https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk

Frequently used items should be close to the entry point into the garage and small items should be stored at eye level. Large and heavy items should go on the bottom shelves, with boxed goods on the upper levels and the most infrequently used items on the top shelves.

Sick of the clutter2

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