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Shower doors: how to choose the right one

Buying a shower door may seem simple; obviously, its function is to stop water deluging the room around the shower. It is not a household items that attracts comment or admiration and you may think it is just a shower door; if so, think again.

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There are many factors to consider, such as safety, surround, and the type of opening to optimise your space. Research should pay off in terms of getting value for money with this not-insignificant spend.

Type of opening

Sliding or bypass doors are one of the most popular, especially for stand-alone corner showers for space use.

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house and there may not be the space to open out with a pivot or swing door, although these can also open inwards if this suits the layout of the space. Round doors also open inwards, maximising the usable area of the shower. These are popular for corner stand-alone showers.

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Frameless doors require less maintenance and have a more modern, clean and contemporary look than framed doors; however, there is a case for the latter, both aesthetically and for strength, depending on the requirements of the bathroom.


Shower doors are always glass – but why? Glass has become the norm because it is transparent, with light often at a premium in the bathroom. It is also easy to keep clean. Safety is paramount, so the glass should have a minimum of 12mm shower glass panels. Be sure to check out the safety properties before you buy. Specialists such as https://marvinandpinch.co.uk/products/12mm-clear-toughened-shower-screen-wetroom-panel-glass?variant=50220687892 will have lots of options and be able to give you help and advice.

Frosted, patterned or etched glass is used for privacy. This has a smooth finish and a softer look.

Rain glass is patterned only on one side. Again, this is used for privacy, but it has the advantage of being more forgiving with watermarks. Hammered glass has similar features and adds an interesting play with lighting.

Tinted glass adds another dimension in terms of privacy, aesthetics and colour coordination with the rest of the bathroom. It also adds light management for a softer look.

When looking at shower doors, it helps to research ahead. Prioritise your requirements according to the fixed factors, such as space, through to the purpose and your preference.


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