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Should you use an electronic or hydraulic winch?

Winches are powerful pieces of equipment that can be used in a wide variety of situations. Selecting the right winch for the job is determined by a number of factors. How will the winch be used and where will it be located? How tough is the job and how long is it expected to last. Both hydraulic and electric power can be used to drive a winch but which is right for your project?

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What is an electric winch?

An electric winch relies upon electrical power or a vehicle battery to power the motor. They’re the smart choice for occasional use as they provide a quick source of power and are efficient in operation. Easy to install, they’re safe and reliable. But you’ll need to ensure that the vehicle battery is fully charged as an electric winch can drain a battery fast.

What is a hydraulic winch?

In contrast to an electric winch, this type of winch is powered by a full hydraulic system with a hydraulic pump at its heart. This type of system is unparalleled when efficient, prolonged use is required and a good quality winch has the power to handle any tough job effectively for a long period of time.

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On the job

When convenience and speed are required, it’s hard to beat an electric winch. Set up is quick and straightforward and the winch will make efficient use of its power source over a short period of time. They’re also safe and reliable to use when permanently installed.

These winches can also be switched from battery to battery with the minimum of hassle, making them ideal for vehicle recovery because they have sufficient power to drag a car or van out of a ditch.

However, for any heavy duty job, a hydraulic pump powered winch is unmatched. A hydraulic powered winch like those available fromhttps://www.brevini.co.uk/power-transmission/winches/hydraulic-winches/ combines raw power and durability for long term performance.

Although not as cost effective and requiring more maintenance than an electric winch, this type of system packs an incredible punch in any operation where performance, strength and efficiency are required day after day.

The verdict

If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy to use and affordable winch, choose an electric system. For long term use in tough conditions, an hydraulic powered winch will get the job done.


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