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Should you attend a school reunion?

If you’ve ever been invited to a school or college reunion, your first reaction might have been one of terror. The thought of going back into the lion’s den might fill you with the same nervousness you had every morning when you got up and had to go to school. The teenage years are awkward enough without having to relive them, right? Some say those years were the best of their lives, but for many (or probably most) of us, they were times of mixed emotions. However, here are some reasons why attending that reunion might not be a bad idea:

  • Reconnect with Old Friends – We all lose touch as we age, even with those dear friends who we spent hours talking to and swore we’d never lose touch with. Marriage, jobs and kids come along and all of a sudden, we’re too busy for these old buddies. This is your chance to reconnect. If you don’t go, you may never see them again.
  • You’ve Changed – Perhaps you’re proud of who you’ve become. If you have lost weight or developed into a babe as you aged, sometimes it’s fun to show up and surprise all those who might have made you feel bad at school. Confidence comes with age, and as you flaunt the fantastic person you have become, it’s a chance to lay some ghosts to rest and possibly even make some new friends from old enemies who have matured a lot since you saw them last. After all, they will have changed too.
  • Feeling Positive About Aging – Watching your hair greying and spotting wrinkles forming can be depressing for some. Attending a school reunion will show you that everyone else is aging just as you are, which can feel less isolating, more accepting and oddly comforting. Aging is inevitable and affects us all, whether we were head pupil or the kid always in detention. Of course, if you’d rather look fantastic, then you could always have a cheeky Botox treatment to get rid of some of those fine lines! For Gloucester Botox services, visit http://doctorkate.co.uk/
  • Vindication – School can be tough, particularly for those kids who didn’t quite fit in. The best revenge for those who made life difficult for you is to show up, enjoy yourself and be confident in the fact that you have a wonderful and rewarding family/life/career/hobby etc. Despite the tough times you are successful and content. Expressing this can be a satisfying form of vindication for yourself.

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  • Reminiscence – Perhaps you loved school and it was truly the best time you ever had. In which case, attending gives you the chance to relive those happy times, revel in the experience and have some laughs with the people who made it that little bit more special for you.
  • Networking – Are you an entrepreneurial type? Run your own local business? This is the perfect social event to throw a little networking into the mix. You never know who might be interested in your services, products or business opportunities!



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