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Should I hire a solicitor or conveyancer?

Both are regulated – solicitors are regulated by the ‘Solicitors Regulation Authority’ and conveyancers are regulated by the ‘Council for Licensed Conveyancers’. When it comes to dealing with property transactions, they will be using the same conveyancing practices and procedures. However, it should be noted the main difference, as you are likely to see, is the price when you compare quotes for moving home.

A solicitor is a qualified legal professional, with years of training in various aspects of law and can provide a wide range of legal services such as divorce or taking someone to court.

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When should I use a solicitor rather than a conveyancer?

A qualified solicitor can be the best choice if you are dealing with a very difficult transaction. For example, if there is a boundary dispute. A lawyer with knowledge of unlawful property conveyancing will be needed. For most scenarios, a conveyancer is able to handle your transaction from start to finish at a more reasonable cost.

If you get a mortgage

If you’re trying to decide between a conveyancer or solicitor when you get a mortgage, there are a few things you need to consider:

Mortgage lenders will only deal with conveyancers and certain solicitors on their “panel” and typically they will pay the mortgage lender for this preferential treatment. If you do not use a conveyancer or solicitor on their panel normally you would have to pay for the representation of the Bank.

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Should I go with the recommendation of my estate agent?

Estate agents will often suggest the services of a local solicitor or conveyancer. However, you should be careful because they often receive a significant commission for this recommendation. It can add a large amount to your bill. The risk is that they recommend people who pay the highest commission rather than one that offers the best service for you. More importantly, it can work to your disadvantage that estate agents know the ins and outs of your transaction.

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How can I find a conveyancer or solicitor?

The most effective way to find the right company for your purchase, is to make sure that you compare quotes from several different companies. This will greatly assist you in finding the cheapest conveyancer, those rated the best or closest to your location.

When narrowing down your short list, you have to pay attention to reviews and their reputations, not only their cost. The site for ‘Homeowners Alliance’ makes it simpler for you to find conveyancers and solicitors that members rate highly in terms of their experience, to show you rankings and customer reviews. It is based on feedback from people who have used a particular company and is designed to help you make a decision.


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