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Santa Claus is Coming to Town – How does Father Christmas complete his Round the World Journey?

It isn’t long until the big day now, and there is certainly one person who is likely to be feeling the pressure of the impending festivities – Father Christmas himself! With his important annual journey around all of the world’s children creeping ever closer, he will have a lot going on in the North Pole at the moment!

The most important thing that Saint Nick has to do in the run up to Christmas is of course to make his list and check it twice! Organising the Elves and making sure all the toys and treats are prepared and wrapped up for each child is also a mammoth task so its lucky that he has a large workforce! It is a job that he has been doing for a long time – research indicates that Santa is approximately 16 centuries old, so he has considerable toy making and sleigh piloting experience!

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Santa’s sleigh is responsible for getting Santa around the world swiftly on Christmas Eve, so it is important that it is well cared for and he keeps it well looked after – his expert team of elves of course help with this, but he also makes sure that it has no faults and makes sure it is tested at places such as Gloucester MOT company swiftfit.uk.com/Gloucester-mot/ so it is kept in good condition and running smoothly!

However, unlike a normal vehicle, Santa’s sleigh is powered by magic dust and Christmas Spirit which comes from the children across the world who believe in him. As well as carrots, the reindeer eat magic dust in the run up to Christmas to enable them to fly with the sleigh in tow, at an incredible speed. The additional treats left out by children on the evening help the reindeer and Santa himself keep up enough energy on their important journey.

There are many theories on how Father Christmas gets around the world at the speed he does, but the most widely accepted theory is that he has a way of bending or slowing down time for himself – so the journey to him does take a lot longer than one night, but to all of us he manages to complete the whole job on Christmas Eve! His ability to bend time could also help to explain how he gets in and out of houses without being detected – he is simply far to fast to be seen!

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So, this Christmas Eve when you are waiting for the arrival of the big man himself, don’t forget to leave a treat for Santa and his reindeer – they have a long journey to make!



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