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Quarterly Employment Summary shows increased opportunity in NI

In the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) published in March 2016, several key trends have been identified. A quarterly increase of 0.5 per cent and a year-on-year increase of 1.6 per cent in the number of employee jobs on the market is seen as a good sign for both the economy and individuals. What does this really mean to individuals in the job market?

Quarterly Employment Summary shows increased opportunity in NI

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In the previous quarter, the report showed that overall, there were marginally more jobs in the manufacturing, construction and services sectors. However, public sector job openings saw a decrease of 0.5 per cent, or around 1,000 fewer jobs. These results were mirrored in the yearly report as compared to last year’s numbers. These insights support the assumptions of several key employment thinkers, such as Nigel Smyth of the CBI, who see general growth in the jobs economy across NI in the next ten years.

Where Are the Jobs?

Smyth is quick to point out, however, that many of these jobs are replacement jobs or jobs requiring higher qualifications. This need for more qualifications is by no means new, as companies begin to demand at least basic qualifications in stem subjects such as science and technology, engineering and maths. As any recruitment agent in Belfast will tell you, jobs in software, medical technologies, the food industry, hospitality and tourism are all looking for qualified staff.

Qualification Standards in NI

What especially worries agencies such as www.lynnrecruitment.co.uk is the lack of basic qualification many school leavers have both in Northern Ireland and across the UK. Far too many young people aren’t attaining the required grade to go on to further education or take an entry-level job in a developing industry. With employment figures rising and so many new technological jobs coming to Northern Ireland, this is a real issue.

Keeping Up With Technology

By 2025, Northern Ireland aims to be an internationally recognised hub of innovation. In order to become a renowned knowledge-base region, we need more highly skilled workers. However, innovators are also required. Formal qualifications are one thing, but entrepreneurship, creativity and risk management are also important. The experts agree that by nurturing both education and entrepreneurship, we can ensure the QES continues to show positive growth in the next ten years.


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