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Prue Leith dispels the ‘dull’ healthy eating myth

As soon as some people hear the words healthy eating, they immediately see plates of salad and vegetables, and anticipate feeling bored, deprived and hungry. However veteran celebrity chef Prue Leith, who is to replace Mary Berry as a judge on Channel 4’s Bake Off, asserts that eating well can be satisfying and enjoyable. She also thinks it is part of parents’ duty to teach children about cooking and good food.

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Low in sugar and salt

Prue recommends food recipes that have little sugar – good for anyone concerned about diabetes – fat and salt. Too much of these ingredients can have negative effects on blood pressure, weight gain and factors contributing to heart disease. Vegetables are a vital part of a healthy diet, and they can taste wonderful when they are prepared with some imagination.

Top tips

Prue says she was quite strict with her own children and insisted they eat well. In general, they had to eat their veg and were not allowed junk food, except perhaps as a treat. The chef does not believe that healthy food has to be complicated, as one of her top healthy snacks or light meals is a simple sandwich of smoked salmon combined with good quality butter and wholegrain bread. She also recommends substituting plain yoghurt when a recipe calls for cream. With this, you get a similar texture, and lots of taste as well.

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Some of her healthy but tasty recipes include Thai cod cakes and chilli sauce, a hearty Colombian chicken soup and a frozen layer cake made with yoghurt, mango and a mixture of berries. Yoghurt is not only a tasty addition to many dishes, but it is good for you as well, according to this report from The Guardian. For lots of inspiration in food recipes, you can find plenty that are good for you and will excite the taste buds at sites such as http://food-tales.com/.

Prue says that learning the skills of healthy eating is just as important as learning to read. Some people may find this to be a bit of an adjustment at first, but with benefits that can include feeling more energetic, having better health, a glowing complexion and even losing weight, most of those who try it will find that the results are more than worth it.


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