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Keep your tenants happy with these top tips of 2020

Being a landlord can be a rewarding way of making a living, although it is not without financial risk. If there are no tenants in the property, you as the landlord will continue to incur costs without having the rental income to support them; therefore, it makes sense to take as many steps as possible to keep tenants in place. The easiest way to do this is to keep the same tenants for a longer period rather than trying to recruit new ones.

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Advantages of continuity

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The benefits of keeping the same tenants are numerous, such as the consistent income, avoiding uncertainty over new tenants, and spending less time on preparing the property for a new lease. Property inventory software can help to keep you on top of tenants and their leases, but there are other steps you can take.

In the first instance, be a good landlord. Communicate clearly and respond to messages and queries promptly. Be courteous and respectful and leave the tenants to themselves as much as possible. When they feel like a place is their home, they are likely to be more settled and less likely to move. For the same reason, they are more likely to treat the property with the care and respect you would hope for. Ensure you have modern appliances in place, as these are likely to be a big incentive.

Building environment
Your building should be a good temperature for everyone living there, including when it gets to the peak heat of summer.  A great way to go about this is to hire an Air con Gloucester service from sites including https://acecc.co.uk/.

Keep on top of maintenance

There are legal requirements that must be adhered to in terms of the servicing and maintenance of appliances. Specialists can help you to plan regular services. Be proactive about getting ahead with routine inspections and respond promptly if your tenant informs you of an issue that they need to be resolved. Keep your promises and address the smaller things before they become big issues.

There may well be times when you want your tenants to leave, of course, and there are ways to ensure this happens correctly. Which? has lots of advice on how to get this right.

Screening tenants well in the first instance will make a difference. You might find that offering a longer lease will encourage tenants to stay longer; however, you will need to communicate with your tenants. While this will be an attractive option for some, it might scare others off.



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