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Police release 999 condom request call

When you need a condom in an emergency, what do you do? One teenager in Somerset decided to call 999 and demand that the police delivered one.

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This was obviously a hoax; however, if you need condoms in a hurry, what can you do?

Download iCondom

Are you stuck without a condom just when things are hotting up? Download this handy app for iPhones and Android and you will always know where your next condom is coming from. This user-generated map is the largest map of condom distribution in the world.

Be prepared

Ordering online can take some pre-planning and is not going to work in the heat of the moment; however, if you need free condoms in Bexley, Greenwich or Medway, you can order them from sites such as https://www.pitstopplus.org/ or even pick them up from a walk-in clinic.

Do condoms (still) matter?

With PrEP currently available on the NHS in Scotland and trialling across Wales and England, are condoms still necessary? After all, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is highly effective in protecting you from HIV and particularly useful when condoms might not be available due to age or other factors.

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It seems that PrEP and condoms are the most effective way to prevent the spread of HIV. The NHS says that condoms are 98 per cent effective; however, this falls to 85 per cent when a condom slips or breaks.

Use condoms correctly with lube and they are super-effective; however, we all know life is rarely perfect. The short answer is that PrEP, condoms and frequent testing are the best way of protecting your health.

Why you still need to wrap it before you tap it

Condom use is not just about preventing the spread of HIV. PrEP’s high-effectiveness scores are usually based on taking the drug and using a condom. This is under test conditions, of course, and we all know the real world can get messy.

The rise in throat cancers from oral HPV means you should always use a condom when you have oral sex. A barrier method of contraception is highly effective when it comes to preventing STDs – you might be sick of hearing this message, but it is the best way of preventing an STI. If you are going to tap it, you still need to wrap it.


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