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Perfect cat breed for you as a family

Choosing a pet for your family can be a daunting task, trying to decide what sort of animal is the best and then looking for a breed that will be suitable for your family circumstances and the ages of your children.

If you have decided on a cat for your family pet, there are some breeds that have personalities better suited to families with children. Although it is important to remember that each cat is unique and will react and behave in particular ways depending on their environment, the way they are treated and whether they are feeling unwell. Your cats unique personality and any medical or behavioural conditions that they have should be shared with the Cattery Cheltenham https://www.catterycheltenham.co.uk/ when you leave them for your summer holiday.

Here are some of the breeds you may wish to look at:

Exotic Shorthair – a part of the Persian family of cats. They have a teddy-bear type of appearance and have a naturally gentle temperament. It is this laid-back quality and their playfulness that make them the perfect pet companions for children.

British Shorthair – they are not a demanding breed and love to be around people. They don’t need a lot of grooming as they are naturally short furred but the love to stroked and brushed all the same.

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Maine Coon – a larger cat breed with a fluffy exterior. They also have very calm natures and enjoy some play time. Maine Coon’s also get on well with other pets.

Ragdoll – with bright blue eyes and beautiful silky coats these cats are very recognisable. They are probably the most affectionate of the cat breeds. They also keep their playful kitten qualities well into adulthood and can also learn some basic tricks with a little dedication and time from you.

Birman – a breed that love nothing more than spending time with their owners and having a good play, as well as snuggling p with you. They have a gentle nature which is perfect for families with young children.

Siamese – an elegant and lean breed that has a calm and gentle nature. They have larger than life personalities and are full of energy for boundless hours of playtime fun.

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Persian –these cats are less interested in boisterous games, but they do enjoy lots of love and affection and a good cuddle on the sofa. They are very relaxed and calm and make the perfect pet choice or families with older children who will also be a little calmer and quieter.

Whatever breed you choose your cat will give you endless hours of fun, love and affection.


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