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Online shopping is here to stay

If like me, you really don’t like having to go into town and wander the streets looking for bargains and then having to carry them all back to a car that you’ve spend ages trying to park and then had to pay on average £3.50 to leave in a multi-storey car park then the rise of online shopping might not seem to be such a surprise. The experience that I’ve just outlined is slowly becoming a thing of the past as we turn to our computers to do not just our gift shopping but also our food shopping as well. With the rise of the internet it’s pretty much easy to search out and buy whatever you need. There is even the chance to purchase some of your favourite juices from a Gloucester Vape Shop online from links such as https://www.lazyjuice.co.uk/.

There will always be those that prefer to actually see and touch the goods before they purchase but it seems that this market is dwindling. The recent demise of some famous names such as Woolworths and Toys R Us illustrate that these once thriving bustling shops were facing stiff competition not just from similar retailers, but the fact people could buy the products cheaper via their computers online and did not need to leave the comfort of their homes. This was further compounded when 2 and 3G phones gave access to the internet as well.  Suddenly people could buy goods wherever and whenever they were, and when they wanted. The opening and closing of store times have become some what irrelevant. The only real requirement is that of patience waiting for the delivery to show up.

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First and foremost, we are buying tech online. It’s almost self-fulfilling in a way. Tech and digital do cover a multitude of categories though as it includes the likes of Spotify and iTunes (another reason why CD sales have fallen dramatically over the last few years. Why bother going to get the new P!nk album when pretty much everything she’s every recorded plus remixes and alternative versions of her songs are available for a monthly fee. After that the main purchases that we are making online are for clothes and shoes of all types. It’s a worrying thought for clothing retailers that the need to see and try on the thing items is slowly declining. We just don’t feel the need to do it anymore. Couple with that the steady rise in food shopping and grocery deliveries the use of online shopping looks to be growing until it becomes the dominate way in which we shop.



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