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Older Homes should choose New Wooden Floors

Most older homes feature at least one hardwood floor. Hardwood floors have character and beauty, so they reflect the charm of older homes well.

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Hardwood flooring doesn’t just suit older homes well, though – it is also more practical than other flooring options. Most floors are subjected to heavy use and over time this can leave carpets and laminate looking old and worn. In comparison, hardwood floors are long-lasting and very durable.

If you are replacing your flooring or remodelling your home, you may be wondering what type of hardwood flooring to choose. Here are 4 things to consider before you choose a type of hardwood for your home.

Choosing a Type of Wood

It is likely that your home already has wooden floorboards, although they may be hidden under a carpet. Lots of older homes have red oak and maple wood flooring which is very beautiful to look at. Pull up the carpet to see if you have beautiful floorboards already – if so, you simply need to stain and varnish them. If not, you can buy Wood Flooring from sites including https://irwintiles.ie/ that suit older homes, such as walnut, Birch, Maple and Red Oak.

Choosing the Size of Plank

You can either choose to use wooden flooring that is modern or traditional. Most older homes were built with wide-plank hardwood boards that are normally 5” or wider. This hardwood flooring was normally used in the less formal rooms of the house, such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. However modern planks tend to be considerably smaller, normally measuring less than 3”. Both sizes are priced similarly, so simply choose the style that you prefer.

Protecting Your New Floor

According to Architectural Digest, you can protect your flooring by buying engineered wood flooring, as this type of flooring restricts the natural movement of the wood.

Creating A Distressed Look

Older homes suit distressed wooden flooring well, as it suits the age of the home and adds character. You can buy wood that has been stained to create a weathered, rustic appearance, making it look like it has been in your home for years or even decades. This adds warmth to a room, so you can try it in rooms that might look colder with wooden flooring.


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